The six figure sales and marketing academy for photo booth owners.

10:00am - 5:00pm Sunday, March 19, 2017 at the Westgate Las Vegas. 

This event is authorized by but not hosted by Photo Booth Expo. Separate registration fee is required.



Photo Booth Expo Pre-Day 3/19/2017
a little about..


Westgate: Las Vegas, NV

Sunday, March 19 2017   |    10:00am – 5:00pm


Here is some of what will be covered (subject to change)…

Morning Sessions: How to Compete in a Crowded Marketplace

  •  Let’s face it, business isn’t the same now as it was five years ago. What got you to this point in your journey, will not get you to the next point. It’s time to quit relying on antiquated thinking and grow!
  • We will train you on how to spot opportunities in your market, no matter how many competitors you have.
  • What adaptations you must make to stay profitable when the going gets tough.
  • How to build for the future without sacrificing cash today.
  • Smarter strategies to engage every lead. (as competition increases every lead becomes exponentially more important)
  • Know when to pivot and when to double down.

The morning session is packed with crucial knowledge you won’t find others talking about. Check your ego at the door for this session as we walk through the realities of competing in the new economy.


Lunch & Mastermind Session for VIP Tickets (Lunch on own for general admission)


Afternoon Sessions:

Marketing and Owners Roundtable

  • NEW THIS YEAR! Bring your marketing and business questions, content, or challenges and get help NOW. We will review, answer questions, critique, and discuss all live for your benefit!

Make Your Business Work For You

  • Let’s face it, we are all super busy. Just spending this day on your business is a big investment of time. In the afternoon session we are going to help you get your life back!
  • How to position your business for growth.
  • How to know when to pass the buck. Outsouring, employee, and assistant strategies.
  • Always on call. Sound like your autobiography? We can fix it. Justin only works on Monday in his event business and will share his most effective strategies.
  • Build your dream life. It’s different for everyone and if you don’t know your vision, you are working your butt off for nothing. We will help you plan your ideal work/life balance and get started moving towards us.

You got into business to be your own boss, and I hear from countless business owners who feel like their business owns them, They are working ever harder and not moving the needle as far as they want. Their growth and success has caused countless more problems including staffing issues, disorganization, and missed opportunities.

You will walk out the door with ready to go tools, techniques, and systems to grow your business year-round. Every attendee will receive a documents binder with ready to model examples of most everything we cover. This is the year your business will finally be what you know it can. If you have been given bad advice in the past and you are struggling, it is not your fault. Most people are giving you bits and pieces of what it takes. We will give you the whole enchilada. This is literally the nuts and bolts techniques of what has made our business what it is today. You owe it to yourself and your family to be in attendance for one day that can change the entire future for you.


Time Left Until Pre-Day

It may seem a long time from now, but the clock is ticking until we start.

    You are invited...

    …to a small intimate workshop with only serious photo booth business owners who want to massively grow their businesses and paychecks. This event is designed to give you hands-on help in your business and is capped at 30 attendees. You will leave with your battle plan in-hand for massive business explosion. This is NOT just fluff. This is real information that we really use in our photo booth business and you can implement into yours. Just one new job more than pays for the registration fee but we don’t want you to come if you just want to book one more job. We only want you to come if you are tired of the status quo and ready to give your business a major kick in the butt. Please join me on March 19th in Las Vegas.



    Special Guest Back By Popular Demand! Zack Wenthe

    Zack Wenthe

    Zack Wenthe

    Serial Entrepreneur and Published Author on Marketing

    Uniquely qualified to drive your business to the next level, Zack Wenthe is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, author, speaker, and family man. Throughout his career in media, advertising, hospitality, retail, and consulting, he has also owned several successful companies. More importantly, Zack has found that one of his greatest passions is working with businesses to help them grow and leverage themselves for profit.

    Over the last 15 years he has created strategies and programs for countless businesses, counseled many of them on their marketing programs, helped them develop their business plans, guided them through the leasing of their first business location, and helped them promote their grand opening. The ultimate compliment, he has even been lucky enough to help with some of their expansions resulting from their combined successes!

    He has worked with a broad range of customers and clients from startups to Fortune 100, including Walmart, Nationwide Insurance, Dr Pepper Snapple, FedEx Office, among many others.

    Eager to share his passion, Zack has been invited to speak at various national conferences and events throughout the country. From private workshops to large keynotes, Zack loves to speak to audiences and give them actionable insights that they can immediately try in their business.

    He is a published author and contributor and working on his next book Marketing X: Applying Leverage to Multiply Your Marketing Results and blogs on his site at

    Actionable tactics and strategies to make your business grow.

    That’s what it’s all about.


    Some things you should know before you register…

    What this pre-day is not:

    • This is NOT another day just like the rest of photo booth expo. Do not plan to just come and passively listen all day. Do NOT plan to pick and choose parts to attend. 
    • This is NOT a gear day. We will not discuss what booth we like best, what software, etc. You will have plenty of time to do those things on the show floor in the days following.
    • This is NOT partial truths and full of hype from others that look successful. 
    • This is NOT somewhere to be if you are 100% happy with your business in its current state and have no desire to grow and do bigger things.
    • This is NOT somewhere to be if you are a whiner, complainer, or victim who thinks that it is impossible to succeed in business or that it is someone else’s fault you are not as successful as you want to be.
    • This is NOT for you if you plan to listen and then go home and not do anything different.
    • This is NOT for you if you focus on why you can’t make something work or have a closed mind to new approaches.
    • This is NOT for you if the registration fee will cause you financial hardship and take food off your table. 
    • This is NOT for you if you are looking for a one size fits all magic bullet that will make all your hardship disappear

    What this pre-day is…

    • This is an small intimate group setting of successful booth owners. We will be hands-on in helping each other to succeed. The entire day builds upon itself so you must attend in its entirety. 
    • This is a day solely focus on marketing and sales to grow your business. We will talk in-depth with real-world examples on how to generate more leads for your business and how to better convert those leads into paying customers.
    • This is PROVEN tactics and strategy we use in our own business and have used to help hundreds of other small business owners. 
    • This is somewhere to focus on growing and pushing the limits of what you think is possible.
    • This is only for open-minded supportive individuals that are not know-it-alls but instead seek a deeper understanding of how to make their business work for them instead of becoming a slave to their business.
    • This is for action takers that will enact their plan when they get back home in order to drastically grow their business faster than they thought possible.
    • This is for those that are open to new approaches and focus on how to make something work instead of why it won’t.
    • This is for those that see the registration fee is a sliver of what attending will bring into their business over the course of the next year. Even if you have never invested in a workshop like this, you see that just one job will more than pay for your investment.  We aren’t focusing on one job though, we want to transform your business. What if what you learn can get you one more job per month? What about one more job per week? What would that do for your business and your life? That is the results we are looking for.


    What are people saying?

    Real words from real people!
    • You take ideas from good sound business and and turn them into profitability for the Photo Booth business. Thanks for giving me the push out the plane to keep me on my toes... Super smart,on target and great for the real world. Most guys just post things that have no application. We literally just booked a lady because we offered her a 3 month payout. I would have never have done that or gotten her event if not for your webinar... Thanks again
    • 3 of the clients I got from using your advice were worth over $100,000 alone. and more customers keep coming in
    • Just wanted to take time to personally thank you for being so kind to offer the info you have today. So appreciative. God bless
    • Justin Miller rocks! He is such a great mentor to me - with his inspiration and motivation I booked a record number of bookings today :) and still getting calls. Already booking into next year.
    • I took some of the info that was supplies. I ran a sale today. It was a success for me. Thank you Justin!
    • Justin helped me get a start in the photo booth business. He has a great business model and is very successful. I believe that your ideas are well worth the investment.
    • The guy is smart as f%$& and well structured. He's just not going to give it away but I think you can learn something from him and if he asks you to pay for it... it could be a worthy purchase for info. Some basic. Some advanced.
    • I ran your promo and booked 4 today and had 3 other inquiries. Not to bad considering I didn't do any paid advertising for it.

    Hosted By Justin Miller

    Justin Miller

    Justin Miller

    Author of Profit 911 and Photo Booth Business Owner

    Justin Miller is one of the leading experts on marketing and sales management in the wedding, event, and entertainment industries. He started his first “real” company as a mobile DJ in 1996 at the age of 14. This company is still in operation and has since spun off several other companies and services including photo booths in 2011 (his company now operates 8 booths).

    Most of Justin‘s time is actually dedicated to this marketing consulting company, Profit 911 Business Consulting. He teaches other business owners what is currently working as well as what he has learned from tens of thousands of dollars in failed marketing experiments. Justin’s goal is to help others overcome their unique business challenges so that they can grow their business and enjoy more income and more free time.

    Justin is the author of several books including: Profit 911; The Hypnosis Handbook; and The Secret to Making Your Wedding Reception Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free!

    He has appeared on dozens of TV and radio stations including affiliates of: NBC, FOX, and CBS

    He travels and speaks for groups both large and small around the county and internationally presenting both keynotes and workshops. He writes and presents for Mobile Beat Magazine as well as a column and podcast for Disc Jockey News.

    In addition and most importantly, he is married to his wife of five years Kat and has two sons, Logan and Mason.

    Our room is limited to only a small number of business owners that are serious about growing their business.  It will be an intimate environment where you can get your questions answered. We started with only 30 seats and some of those have already been assigned to previous customers. Don’t delay and miss out on this opportunity